an all low-carb restaurent coming to LA spring 2018

fat fasting

Let me first say that fat fasting should be used in two situations only: – Breaking through a two week or longer weight plateau. – Inducing yourself into ketosis quicker, whether you are just starting keto or you had a cheat day. If you’re the type of person that loses weight easily and you are NOT …

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keto + exercise

See those huge pumping biceps and that flexing core? Yes, that’s some gym enthusiast, who probably spends a lot a time in the gym working out. Apart from showing off their beefed-up body, others choose to exercise simply to achieve a better health goal. Their approach to this health goal stems from their desire to stay …

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exogenous ketones + fast weight loss

The ketogenic diet is increasingly becoming a very popular method for achieving rapid, ultra-low body fat levels with utmost muscle retention. It is an act of deceiving the body into using the body fat as its main source of energy instead of carbohydrates. Keto diets offer extremely fast weight loss with better muscle retention compared …

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